Cleaning in a Hurry!

Here’s a short tale that comes from one of our Dada Consultants carrying out a move out inspection:

“I was arranging to do a pre move out inspection for a transferee moving back home. The individual was a bit anxious that they hadn’t gotten all the caked on spots of food and grease off of the elements of their gas stove. Knowing that the landlord was very particular, the transferee asked me for guidance on how to get the “cooker” spotlessly clean again. So, along with my usual move-out paperwork I brought along a cleaner from home. Together the transferee and I scrubbed that “cooker” with cleaner and gentle scouring pads. I left some additional cleaner for them to carry on and achieve a spotless finish. When it came time to meet the transferee and landlord again on the final move out, this was the one thing they were especially grateful for in the services that Dada had provided. And, the landlord was satisfied with the condition of the “cooker”! So, going above and beyond can take many forms…”

That is fantastic! Thank you to our mystery Consultant, and keep up the great work!

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